Folks, this is going to be my last newsletter to this list as I am about to leave OXID. Beneath, I linked my private blog post about it including my contact information and the possibility of leaving a comment. Love you, cheers!

Marco, #cmgr @OXID

Good bye OXID

After more than 14 years at OXID I take my leave. None of the ~ 26,320 working hours ever were boring. I learned a lot of new things and had the chance to actively take part in the creation of a brand, piece of software and a community. Thanks a lot for this. Good bye - fare thee well. See you in another angle of this e-commerce world ;)

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[Security Advisory] Phar object injection in PHPMailer - CVE-2018-19296

PHPMailer version used in OXID eShop seems to be vulnerable. Fortunately, we do not use this vulnerable method in core. Please check your extensions/modules for using the vulnerable method and fix with the proposed workaround!

Author: OXID Security Team

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OXID eShop version 6.3.0

Additionally to bug fixes this patch release contains merged pull requests (thanks to you guys!). PHP 8 will be supported while support for PHP 7.1 and 7.2 is going to be ditched. Security improvement concerning voucher handling (thanks to . Pre-installed module: Usercentrics CMP, Third gender support in forms (thanks to 4takte), Klarna Support for new countries added (IT, ES, FR and BE).

Author: Heike Reuter

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Latest doctrine/dbal release could lead to fatal errors

doctrine logo
The latest doctrine/dbal release could lead to fatal errors if you build up your own OXID eShop repository leveraging metapackages. Read in this blog post how to avoid this behavior.

Author: Clemens Scholz

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