With this note, I want to announce the latest patch release, OXID v6.2.2 and inform about the blog posts "Deployment concepts starting from OXID eShop 6.2.0" as well as "Cookie consent tools available for OXID eShop" and point you to the interactive map with partners and freelancers. Hope I found valuable content again.

Best regards, stay healthy!
Marco, #cmgr @OXID

OXID eShop version 6.2.2

Additionally to bug fixes and two security improvements, we added module migrations and updated several 3rd party components. This patch release contains 20+ merge requests - thanks to you guys!

Author: Farzam Tahmasebmirza

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OXID eShop 6.2.0 published

Deployment concepts starting from OXID eShop 6.2.0

Prior the changes, manual de- and activation of modules had to be done. Now this cumbersome work gets to an end as module config moved to yaml files.

Author: Koltan

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OXID Module System

Cookie consent tools available for OXID eShop

DSGVO, the EU and OXID
In October 2019 ECJ decided about the necessity of cookie consent tools on all websites. On 28th of May this was confirmed by German Federal Court of Justice. This post is to give you an overview of cookies used in OXID as well as the possibilities you have to find a cookie consent tool that fits your needs.

Author: Marco Steinhäuser

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Parner & Freelancer Map

Have you seen this interactive map and list of partners and freelancers who work with OXID? With it you can zoom to your location and find a freelancer close to you.
If you want to get registered yourself, simply use the form on the right hand side. We'll get in touch.
List of Partners & Freelancers
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