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The OXID Academy offers various trainings around OXID eShop. "OXID Development Basic Training - Extendible E-Commerce Framework" also serves as a preparation for the online certification for developers. After participation you will receive your personal access key, with which you can take the test free of charge within eight weeks.

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OXID eShop is a smart e-commerce platform with many useful features. To help you get started and become an expert, we have provided some useful information in the docu.

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Christian Elsner
CEO, NoRisk GmbH

Over 40 developers in the norisk Group work with OXID eShop on a daily basis - in both enterprise projects as well as in the small business context. At the latest since OXID eShop 6.0 we proclaim: it #rocks! We are still enthusiastic about such a great flexibility and customizability and use OXID as a basis in almost all projects.

Hendrik Bahr

OXID attaches great importance to backward compatibility with old versions, so that the extensions we develop have a lifetime of several years and only need to be adapted slightly when updates are made. Very cost-effective.

Henrik Steffen
CEO, cgrd GmbH

As an OXID eSales partner since 2006, we appreciate the customizability of OXID eShop. It is the "Swiss army knife" to implement all challenges for our enterprise customers.

Tobias Merkl
Senior Backend Developer, Proud Sourcing

Even after almost 10 years it is still fun to work with OXID. The system is very flexible and easily modular expandable.

Joscha Krug
CEO, Makaira GmbH

I love the flexibility and customizability of OXID which allows to use the shop system from small to very large and complex projects.

Stefan Koshold
CEO, Unit M GmbH

We are OXID partner, because the OXID technology allows us a fast start in B2B eCommerce projects and together with OXID we can make a difference in the market.

Thomas Dartsch
CEO, D┬│ Data Development

In more than 15 years as an OXID partner, we have come to know and love the system as flexible and extremely customizable. Our customers know how to make the most of these so that we are able to implement exciting projects with OXID again and again.

Stefan Krause

Get an Ecommerce project up and running in no time? And expand it at will and adapt it to complex use cases? No problem at all! That's why I like to work with OXID.

Christopher Bauer
CEO, Code.Commerce

With OXID you can implement large and also smaller projects in a short time. Due to the modular system, our developers can efficiently implement the requirements. As partner we like to work with OXID, because the team as well as the software fits fit.


You would like to get in direct contact with users? Or you want to know what we are are currently developing? Then take a look at our various channels.



You can find open positions at OXID eSales in our job portal.
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You would like to get in direct contact with users? Or you want to know what we are are currently developing? Then take a look at our various channels.

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