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Extension GUI

This feature was born as pet project in our development team. The goal was to beautify current extension management process, by adding separate admin page, instead of single text-area input describing class extend information. Separate Extension page There is new page for extensions, including list, overview, setting and dragable module dependency sections. Extension list This […]

OXID eShop version 4.5.1

General hints for this package Due to changes at the econda API, the built in interface in OXID eShop has been updated. The image handling for products, categories, vendors and manufacturers was improved with this version. Please find more detailed information in the tutorial “Image handling changes since 4.5.1“ “Azure” theme templates have been stuffed […]

Understanding OXID eShop Template Hierarchy and Override System

Introduction OXID eShop includes a well-defined structure for overriding default templates with custom themes. This allows developers to quickly alter the visual appearance of OXID eShop without affecting the internal business logic and codebase. This tutorial introduces you to basic concepts and ideas around the template hierarchy and override system. Hierarchical Structure All OXID eShop […]

Hiding elements for non registered user

A common requirement in many shops is to display certain features or elements only to registered users. This can be used to restrict features or benefits to registered users, and to motivate anonymous visitors to sign up and provide their details to the shop owner. This tutorial discusses one technique to implement this requirement in […]