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Extending Promotions module

Promotions are dedicated to attract customers attention about expired, current and upcoming shop events. Usually it can be used to increase shop sales. Standard version allows to design promotion look and, if needed, setup it for specific user groups. Tutorial explains how extended standard functionality by creating custom module for the “promotion queue” business case. […]

Adding new unit types

Now when you are ready to edit language files please follow these instructions: find out active theme name – go to admin > Master Settings > Themes; using (S)FTP client open customizable theme language file located at e.g. “/out/azure/en/cust_lang.php”; add new constant(s) which format is e.g.:’_UNIT_KG’ => “kg”, save modified language file; cleanup “/tmp” folder […]

Image handling changes since version 4.5.1

4.5.1 shop version comes with improved image handling. Since now images are not generated by image URL getters, but on demand by separate PHP process. Image uploading by “admin” is unchanged, but what happens after that – now works different. Regular image getters, like oxArticle::getIconUrl(), now does not generate images, it just checks for master […]

List of not overloadable classes

Due to software architecture limitations not all classes can be extended. Following classes are not overloadable: application/controllers/admin/ (For eShop version 4.6 and bellow these classes are located in ‘admin/’ directory) oxAdminDetails oxAdminList oxAdminView dyn_interface Dynscreen DynExportBase Article_List GenImport_Main Efire Object_Seo Order_List Shop_Config User_List application/controllers/ (For eShop version 4.6 and bellow these classes are located in […]

Creating new help page

From OXID eShop 4.4.0 on, help texts are defined in CMS. If you want to create new help pages for some shop view e.g. “details” you have to Go to “Admin => Customer Info => CMS Pages”; Press on “Create New Content”; Write title, make it active, choose any preferred folder (e.g. “Customer Information”); Set “Snippet” […]