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Disable Payment Method

The purpose of this module is to disable a payment displayed for the basket, if the basket contains articles, which are assigned to a (hidden) category mapping to a Diasallowance of a Payment: Put this as file htr_payment inside modules and activate in the Admin Backend in System ->Modules: payment => htr_payment <?php /** * […]

Add an imageref to oxReview

We will add a column to the oxreview: 1.) add a DB column to the oxreviews DB table: ALTER TABLE `oxreviews` ADD COLUMN `OXIMAGEREF` varchar(255) NOT NULL AFTER `OXRATING` 2.)  we need to overload core/oxreview.php, to do so create a file inside modules/htr_oxreviews.php containing: <?php class htr_oxreview extends htr_oxreview_parent { public function save() { if […]