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OXID eShop onpage SEO capabilities

The German portal onlinemarketing.de recently published a guest blog post by Herbert Buchhorn of clicks.de. The author used a checklist of SEO specific built-in features, but omitted significant advantages OXID is offering. I will adapt the same check list to show what OXID eShop can deliver from a SEO perspective. As I’m frequently asked about […]

Recap of the first user group meeting Leipzig

In the last week, the first OXID user group meeting Leipzig took place at the office rooms of our dear partners pixi* Software. As announced, we came together in order to organize things first like topics to talk about within the next half year, how often and where to meet etc. Here are the results: […]

Travis CI available for OXID eShop CE repository

Let me trigger one of the most noteworthy pull requests to the OXID eShop repository at GitHub in the recent past. @adriankirchner, developer at dotfly (OXID solution partner) committed a fully functional Travis CI configuration. With this contribution it is not only possible to check at a glance if the unit and integration tests are […]

Useful developer tools when working with OXID eShop

This is just a short note to let you know that there’s a new page available at OXIDforge with a software development kit for OXID eShop. Presently you may find links to helping tools like coding standards, easy shop installation (thanks to @tabsl), module writing, testing and module certification on this page. Other tools, as […]

OXID eShop cheat sheet

Smarty (all tags are enclosed in [{…}] ) [{* this is a comment *}] comments syntax oxgetseourl ident=$oViewConf->getSelfLink()|cat:“cl=info&tpl=foobar.tpl“ generates a SEO link oxmultilang ident=“MULTILANGIDENT“ gathers translations oxstyle include=$oViewConf->getModuleUrl(“custom, “out/custom.css”) include css from module oxscript include=”js/widgets/oxinputvalidator.js” priority=10 include js file with priority to load oxscript add=”$(‘form’).validator();” add javascript to template Parameters $oViewConf->getActArticleId() [articleId] (Returns active article […]