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Build an Infinite Scroll List for OXID eShop – Implementation

In the first part, we added some code for the controller but it didn’t bring any clear-cut result at that moment. This second part will help you finish the remaining tasks to achieve an infinite scrolling list. Let’s see how to work with the new template and JavaScript code to handle the logic of infinite scrolling. I will then show you the proper way of activating a new module, and will include some hints that will keep you away from unexpected issues.

Build an Infinite Scroll List for OXID eShop – Basics

OXID eShop, officially known as OXID eSales, is a powerful and scalable ecommerce standard platform optimized for every segment of online business. As a developer spending most of my “9-to-5” tasks with OXID, I found out that this e-commerce system is extremely easy to customize and extend. If you are new to OXID or are […]

Introduction into the main principles of OXID eShop

Matthew Setter is writing for PHP Master and introduces to OXID eShop in a 3-part-series workshop style tutorial there. in part 1 he is telling about the server requirements and setup part 2 is going deeper when Matt is working on themes, teaching the override mechanism and specific language changes part 3: extending the core functionality with […]

OXID eSales – The E-Commerce Platform that Just Works! Part 1

E-commerce platforms come in all different shapes, sizes, and feature sets, but which one is right for you? This 3-part series will give you a hands-on introduction to OXID; a platform which the English-speaking world hasn’t heard much about. In this part you’ll see how to get up and running with a basic installation of […]