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How does the base picture functionality work?

Since the shopversion 4.3.0 a new picture handling has been implemented. Some people now ask “How can i import my pictures manually” or “Is it necessary to upload them via admin, i like to use different picture sizes” and so on. This short tutorial should give an overview how to use and how to kid […]

Create an OXID eShop Server in Amazon’s Cloud

Are you looking for a quick way to set up an OXID eShop server, maybe for research or testing purposes? With Amazon’s cloud services, this is a snap to set up and use. The following instructions guide you through the process. 1.Start an Apache/PHP Amazon Machine Image (eg. zend/zend-server-ce-4.0.5-linux-32bit-20090109.manifest.xml) 2.Enter the correct Access group which […]

OXID eShop version 4.2.0

General hints for this package Selection list name handling changed: it does not strip tags from it now, tags are stripped only from currency. Instead, tags are encoded to entities (e.g. >a<), so they look the same in frontend. In new user registration form, SSL was activated in the moment the form was send. As […]