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debugging protected functions in OXID eShop

OXID framework has some private and lots of protected functions in it’s classes and often they are hard to debug because of code enryption in PE/EE or hard extendable dataflow inside the functions. Shortly OXID added an extra protection for several core classes to ensure the integrity and safety of the shop, which makes these […]

exception and error log viewer for OXID

check your logs without leaving OXID backend Whenever something went wrong, the first thing you should do is checking the logs: logs/EXCEPTION_LOG.txt and webserver error log. Usually you have to connect over SSH or FTP to your server, download log files and open/reload the file in a text editor. It takes you about 15-30 seconds […]

hacking protected functions with dev console

OXID loves using protected functions in it’s model classes. E.g. there is getCustomerAlsoBoughtThisProducts() function in oxArticle, which returns articles even if they are not active anymore. Isn’t that cool? lets try to debug this crazy stuff. This function gets it’s sql query for loading also-bought articles from another protected function and returns the article list. […]

Quick and easy testing of OXID framework functions

Have you ever tried to get the value of a config param from oxconfig / oxviewconfig or dump the return value of an OXID function? Its like dancing with an one winged epileptic duck. Usually you had to paste the function call somewhere into a random controller or create a custom controller to call multiple […]

developer utilities for OXID eShop

Since i’m working with OXID eShop, i started to develop small custom modules, which should help me debuggind and testing some stuff and make my work easier. I started with a small “clear tmp” module, then added some template and checkout debuggig functions.
This is how vt-devutils was born.