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Accepting Credit Card Payments with OXID eShop CE and AlertPay

Following up his last article Accepting Credit Card Payments with OXID eShop CE and Authorize.Net at Zend Developer Zone, Vikram Vaswani explains how to integrate the AlertPay interface into the OXID eShop. In opposit to the former article, where a transaction-oriented API was illustrated, the new article describes the implementation of a payment gateway that requires the shopping cart to transfer control to its own user interface and returns control to the shopping cart once the transaction is complete.

Translating The OXID eShop GUI

By Vikram Vaswani While English is the language you’re most likely to see on the Internet, it’s important to remember that there is still a large percentage of Internet users for whom English is not their native language. This fact is of particular significance when developing Web applications for a global audience, as these applications […]

Supercharge Your OXID Development Environment

OXID eShop offers developers a full-featured, OOP-compliant API that can be used to easily add new features and enhancements to the base product. And regardless of whether you’re a developer new to the OXID framework or an old hand with many years of OXID experience under your belt, chances are you’re always on the lookout […]

Understanding OXID’s SEO Implementation

By Vikram Vaswani In the world of bricks-and-mortar retail, placing products on store shelves so that customers can find them with minimal difficulty is almost a science in itself. This factor assumes even more importance when it comes to online retail, because most consumers begin their search for products through a search engine and so, […]