Beta releases

Why is there a beta release?

A beta provides a glimpse into an upcoming OXID eShop release some time before the stable version becomes available to the public. It is intended to give insights into the current status of development. A beta will not include all new features and not all features that are included will be completely implemented. Yet, they should be implemented in great depth already.

Where can I find information about a beta release?

New beta releases will be announced in our news channels. For each beta, we will provide more information gradually as we proceed towards the stable release (e.g. tutorials and screencasts).

What’s the duration of a beta phase?

Well, a stable release will be done when it’s done! In general, we are determined to publish the stable version with 2-3 months after the beta release.

Will there be more than one beta?

This depends on the size of changes. For 4.5.0, for instance, we will do more than one beta.

How can I take part in a beta?

Just download it, install it and have fun. You will find it in OXID eXchange.

In exchange for taking part in the beta phase, we kindly ask you to provide your email and permission to provide you with further information about an OXID eShop release. We will not use this permission to send you any different information – unless you explicitly grant permission to us to do so.

Will I have to meet any obligations?

No. You don’t have any obligations. Just test it and enjoy exploring the new features.

Of course any feedback is highly appreciated! See below how to contact us for various types of feedback.

I found a bug, how can I be of help?

Most likely, you will find some bugs in beta releases – after all, that’s why it is labeled “beta”. We’ve opened our issue tracker for bug reports regarding beta releases.

Feel free to report bugs that you found. Please be so kind and consider few settings for reporting bugs. This helps us to solve them more quickly.

Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in
  3. Select “Report issue” menu item at top of the page
  4. Choose correct “Product Version”


I have an idea, where can I post a new feature request?

There are two options:

  • Write feedback to the developers Mailing List.
  • Post your ideas to our feature requests tracker.

It might happen that you won’t get an answer from us instantly, but be sure: No feedback gets lost!

Will my bug reports and feature requests be considered for the next stable release?

First of all, please use the proper channels (bug tracker, feature requests tracker, developers mailing list). This helps us to get things into correct order and channels and ensures that we read your input.

In general, we are going to consider as much feedback as possible to be included in a stable release.