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OXID eShop version 4.3.2

General hints for this package Due to Trusted Shops pre-certification the “To Basket” button in My Account / Order History was commented. You can enable it any time if needed. If you need to check your shop files, please use the new oxchkversion we provide for download. The webservice was changed in this version. All […]

Adding Facebook Share and Like buttons to OXID eShop

Social networking is all the rage these days. And if you’d like to link your OXID shop up to the largest social network on the Web, it’s quite easy! This article shows you how to easily add Facebook “Share” and “Like” buttons to your product pages, both with and without XFBML. At the end of […]

OXID eShop version 4.3.1

General hints for this package Important information for shops running in UTF-8 Current shop version has UTF-8 related improvements/fixes (there was missing modifier “u” in some “preg_replace()” calls). In case you get empty pages after update it is a sign that your templates contain non ASCII/UTF-8 characters. We strongly recommend to move texts to language […]

Hiding elements for non registered user

A common requirement in many shops is to display certain features or elements only to registered users. This can be used to restrict features or benefits to registered users, and to motivate anonymous visitors to sign up and provide their details to the shop owner. This tutorial discusses one technique to implement this requirement in […]

Create an OXID eShop Server in Amazon’s Cloud

Are you looking for a quick way to set up an OXID eShop server, maybe for research or testing purposes? With Amazon’s cloud services, this is a snap to set up and use. The following instructions guide you through the process. 1.Start an Apache/PHP Amazon Machine Image (eg. zend/zend-server-ce-4.0.5-linux-32bit-20090109.manifest.xml) 2.Enter the correct Access group which […]

OXID eShop version 4.3.0

General hints for this package Aside from many new features and fixed bugs there are also fixed some security issues. Thus we recommend strongly to update as soon as possible. Find an overview over fixed security issues at Since OXID eShop 4.3.0: Cumulative packages to jump over multiple releases using only one package. As […]

New features in OXID eShop version 4.3

OXID eShop 4.3 ships with some exciting new features that allow you to Significantly reduce management of product pictures Automatically generate rich snippets for Google Search Use OXID eShop for English sites out of the box Upgrade with ease from any previous version Implement bullet-proof extensions based on our UnitTests Automatic Picture Resizing Anyone managing […]

Security bulletin: 2010-002

By using a specially crafted URL, users with administrative rights could unintendedly grant unauthorized users access to the admin panel.

Roadmap OXID eShop series 4.3

OXID eShop version 4.3.0 was released on March 30th, 2010. Please find more information about this version on this page: New features In some countries (e.g. USA, Japan, Canada), the address format contains a field for entering the state/province. Payment services like PayPal treat this field as mandatory, and may refuse payment if no […]

Roadmap OXID eShop series 4.2

Release date October 27th, 2009 New features APS (Application Packaging Standard), which is a format designed to help implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business models for all industry cloud service providers. You will also be able to install OXID eShop on a hosted environment of a provider offering APS. Multidimensional Variants: This new functionality enables OXID eShop […]

PHP Module Programming with OXID eShop CE

In particular, OXID eShop comes with an integrated module interface that allows PHP developers to adapt the product to any customer needs. This article (originally posted on explains the fundamental principles of OXID module development and provides a live example of using a custom module to tweak the eShop’s content management system.