Bye-bye Subversion!

This is a short note to let you know that we will shut down our Subversion (SVN) server on 31st of January 2017. This so-called “Partner SVN” was provided to our solution partners to obtain the OXID eShop source code before we moved to Git/GitHub back in 2013.

Most of our partners have switched to our public GitHub repository for the Community Edition already, and since October 2016 we also offer to our partner to get access to our private GitHub repositories, which contains the code base of our Professional Edition (PE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).

Additionally, older OXID eShop versions (PE, EE) as well as other resources like the ERP/SOAP interface etc. are available for download on demand from our support team.

In case of any objections or if you think we forgot something, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply to this post or contact us via our developer mailing list.

Thanks for your support!

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