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In the “Configuration” section, you will find the most important settings necessary for running your OXID eShop.

The settings are made in the admin panel. Open the admin panel of your OXID eShop under Thereby, replace by the URL of your shop. The login page of the admin panel will be opened. Enter the login information you set during the installation of the shop. At login you can select the language in which the admin panel shall be displayed. You can also choose between several profiles in order to display the admin panel for different screen resolutions.

Company information

Contents: company name, company address, bank details, legal and fiscal information, name of the shop
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Contents: SMTP data, e-mail addresses, subject lines for e-mails sent from the shop
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Customer information

Contents: imprint, General Terms and Conditions, payment and shipping costs, right of withdrawal, CMS, legal online shop, Trusted Shops
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SEO settings

Contents: search engine optimization, SEO, page title, title prefix, title suffix, front page title, speaking URLs, SEO separator, SEO suffix, -oxid, special characters, reserved words, static URLs, metadata, meta tags, meta name=”description”, meta name=”keywords”
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Contents: default VAT rate, input of net prices (products, shipping costs, payment methods, gift wrappings), indication of net prices and VAT in the shopping cart and invoice (products, shipping costs, payment methods, gift wrappings), VAT and shipping address
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Contents: main supplier country, activating countries, country overview, searching for countries
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Order process

Contents: fractional quantities, minimum order value, display of two order buttons, button solution, confirmation of General Terms and Conditions
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Stock management

Contents: activation of stock management, display of a product’s availability, low quantities remaining in stock, default messages for products in stock or those not available.
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Contents: image generation and quality, image quality and file size, image sizes for product pictures, zoom pictures, thumbnails, icons, category images and manufacturer/brand logos, standard pixel dimensions (width*height)
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