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The configuration section of the OXID eShop also includes the country settings. These are required, for example, for the configuration of shipping costs and payment methods. During step 2 of the installation, you set a main supplier country which has been the only activated country so far. In order to supply your goods also to other countries, you have to additionally activate these countries.

Activating a country

All countries are already set up and configured. You only have to activate the desired countries in Master Settings -> Countries. The first 10 of 247 countries are shown in an overview. Select a country from the overview by clicking on it. The settings for the selected country will be displayed in the input area below the overview. Check the Active checkbox in order to activate the country. Save your settings. The country is active now and can be used.

Searching for a country

You can search for a country in the country overview by browsing page by page or using the search function.

There are search input fields above the columns of the table.

  • The input field above Active allows you to search for active/inactive countries. If you wish only active countries to be displayed, enter 1. If only inactive countries shall be displayed, enter 0.
  • The input field above Country allows you to search by country names. Partial terms are possible.
  • The input field above Short Description allows you to search for short descriptions of the countries. Partial terms are possible.
  • The input field above ISO 3 allows you to search for the 3-digit ISO description for this country, for example DEU for Germany.

After you have entered the search criterion, click the magnifying glass icon top right. This will start the search. Only countries matching the search criterion will be shown in the overview then. It is also possible to search for multiple search criteria. When doing so, all search criteria must be fulfilled. If you enter, for example, 1 into the input field above Active and D into the input field above Country, only active countries whose names contain the letter D will be displayed.