Contribute to OXID eShop

  • Security

    If you find a security issue, please do not post it to the public bug tracker: our policy is to limit the public knowledge about a security issue until we provide a fix for it. We kindly ask you to inform us first and keep the vulnerability confidential for the general public as this might compromise existing businesses.

    Please see for more instructions.

  • File a bug

    Please post bugs (software errors) you determined in the standard version of OXID eShop to the public bug tracker. If you are not sure about it, please discuss the issue in the user forums.

    Please note that bugs reported elsewhere but in the bug tracker will not be recognized nor fixed by OXID. If you can help fixing a bug, please send a pull request at GitHub mentioning the bug tracker number in the title of your commit.

  • Translators wanted!

    OXID eShop can simply be translated into other languages. On this web based application community members maintain different languages; the translators provide the language files under GPLv3.