Create an OXID eShop Server in Amazon’s Cloud

Are you looking for a quick way to set up an OXID eShop server, maybe for research or testing purposes? With Amazon’s cloud services, this is a snap to set up and use. The following instructions guide you through the process.

1.Start an Apache/PHP Amazon Machine Image (eg. zend/zend-server-ce-4.0.5-linux-32bit-20090109.manifest.xml)
2.Enter the correct Access group which allows Access on port 80
3.Connect to the AMI with your key file:

4.Install ‘joe’ or another preferred editor:

5.Install MySQL with root password ‘oxid’:

6.Install an SVN client such as ‘esvn’:

7.Find the latest version of OXID eShop by checking the SVN tags at

8.Download OXID eShop using the latest SVN tag:

9.Install the ‘postfix’ mailserver to handle outgoing mail from the OXID eShop:

10.Adopt .htaccess and fix the ‘rewrite_base’ directive.

11.Set the Apache configuration directive ‘AllowOverride = All’ in the main Apache configuration file to ensure that the .htaccess file is considered:

12.Restart Apache to have your changes take effect:

13.Modify the RewriteBase configuration directive in the .htaccess file to reflect your OXID eShop settings (only necessary for OXID eShop greater than v4.3.0):

14.Change ownership of exported files to the Web server user:

15.Access the OXID eShop interface in your browser eg.
16.Change the mailserver settings in the eShop admin panel to ‘localhost’ and configure mail adresses properly
17.Have fun 🙂


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