developer utilities for OXID eShop

developer utilities for OXID eShop

Since i’m working with OXID eShop, i started to develop small custom modules, which should help me debuggind and testing some stuff and make my work easier. I started with a small “clear tmp” module, then added some template and checkout debuggig functions.
This is how vt-devutils was born.

Currently “vt-devutils” is a collection of several modules, each of them providing a particular function to help you with some tasks. This way you can enable only functions you need and not affect other parts of your shop. (e.g. for quick fixes in live shop)


this is the main module, that contains templates, javascript libraries and css framework.
It also provides some functions:

  1. disable/ignore language cache.
    (No need to clear temp to update language keys!)
  2. always recopmpile template blocks.
    (No need to clear temp to get template blocks cache updated!)

If you enable both options in dev-core module settings, you don’t need to clear cache anymore during the development.

this module is required for other dev modules from this package, make sure to activate it
developer utilities for OXID eShop

grants you direct access to framework functions, e.g. loading models and testing their functions, helpers, component classes, regular php functions and stuff from oxAminView.

developer utilities for OXID eShop

Review exception log and webserver error log in shop admin panel
Also provides simple search and filter functions for particular keywords, IPs and files.

developer utilities for OXID eShop

simple preview function for email tempaltes

developer utilities for OXID eShop

will help you to inspect cached metadata entries



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