On this page you may find a compilation of all necessary information to enable you contributing to the development of OXID eShop and other OXID products. The main scope of this page is focussed on the development of OXID eShop itself and extensions. Please find technical documentation, OXID framework basics and tutorials in this area. Intended to be used by developers.

  • Demo shop for templates

    A demo shop using $this->iDebug = 8; in Locate the template you want to adapt here or set it yourself in your own installation with $this->iDebug = 8;

  • Database documentation

    Leads to a page with an overview of the latest OXID eShop series. Click on the version number you run to get a visualized database structure!

  • Developer tool chain

    Please find the the SDK (software development kit), suggestions, best practises and coding standards in this section.

  • Trouble shooting

    Links to blog posts about trouble shooting.

  • Security

    OXID takes security certain. This page links to information on on what is dealt as a security issue, how to deal with it when you think you caught one and the procedure how it will be handled.