As of OXID Shop 6, the download is performed via composer:

In addition, it is possible to download the store with composer on another system and then copy it via FTP to the store server, if composer is not available there:

Upgrade of a store with a version before OXID Shop 6:

Please note the respective system requirements


OXID Dev Environment on Docker 

As a developer you might want to use an SDK (Software Development Kit), an OXID development environment based on Docker incl. a collection of useful tools like tests or xDebug. The installation is very simple; however, this container is explicitly not suitable for productive use.


Bitnami provides several stacks to run the latest OXID eShop versions, either at one of the big cloud services like Amazon or Google Cloud, or at Microsoft Azure. You also can download a virtual machine, a Docker container or even an executable web server for your PC, Mac or even Linux.

OXID eShop 6 Docker container 

Run and deploy your OXID eShop installation within a docker container! Proudly provided by @ProudCommerce

OXID Developer VM 

A vagrant box not only for OXID eShop including a collection of scripts and configuration files under LGPL. It lets you build a virtual machine as development environment for OXID eShop (all editions) or even for other web applications based on Vagrant within minutes. Please read the README for more detailed instructions.

OXID eShop version 6.2.2


Installation with composer:

  • Connect to your web server via SSH.
  • Move to the doc root directory and use the following command:
    composer create-project --no-dev oxid-esales/oxideshop-project my_oxid_eshop_project dev-b-6.2-ce
  • Map the top level domain of your web server to the directory source/.
  • Fire up your browser and point it to this domain.
  • Follow the steps of the setup routine.

Manual installation

It is also possible to download, decompress and upload this artefact to your server.

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Installation instructions | System requirements