Download OXID eShop

  • Bitnami

    Bitnami provides several stacks to run the latest OXID eShop versions, either at one of the big cloud services like Amazon or Google Cloud, or at Microsoft Azure. You also can download a virtual machine, a Docker container or even an executable web server for your PC, Mac or even Linux.

  • OXID Developer VM

    As a developer you might want to use OXID Developer VM including a collection of scripts and configuration files under LGPL. It lets you build up a development environment for OXID eShop (any edition) or any other web project on the basis of virtual machines within minutes. OXID Developer VM is on GitHub, please read the README file for instructions.

  • Update Packages

    OXID eShop supports cumulative packages. Simply keep your running series up-to-date with patches and receive the fitting update package into the next series.

  • Extend functionality in OXID eShop with modules

    The functions and features of OXID eShop can be extended with modules. Scan these meta shops for already existing extensions.