Edit / repair / deactivate module entries via frontend

Did a new module entry destroy your backend? Does a misconfiguration of a module prevent you from using the backend?

Just use this script:

If a Module entry causes a crash of the backend area you can easily edit those entires via frontend with this script.

So you can restore the backend functionality very easy without digging in the database. This script can be used only when logged in as admin user (oxdefaultadmin) in the frontend.

Simply save the following code to a php file and place into the rootlevel of your shop. Call the script with www.your-domain/file.php

Thanks to Stefan / stefan2


[Update] edited by foxido.de to run with the latest versions (thanks for that!): http://forum.oxid-esales.com/showthread.php?t=40205&page=3#post182821


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