exception and error log viewer for OXID

check your logs without leaving OXID backend

Whenever something went wrong, the first thing you should do is checking the logs: logs/EXCEPTION_LOG.txt and webserver error log.

Usually you have to connect over SSH or FTP to your server, download log files and open/reload the file in a text editor. It takes you about 15-30 seconds and 5 mouse clicks per log file. While developing modules, you might need to check the logs dozen times.

Don’t waste your time!

“dev-logs” module from my vt-devutils colelction extends your OXID admin panel with a log viewer for both exception and webserver error logs!

here is what you will get:

  1. exception and error log viewer in OXID admin panel

  • search and filtering options

  • copy to clipboard

    you can copy the exception log message including your shop version and paste it to your dev buddies or oxid community forum

like it? you can get it here:


after module activation, you need to set the path to the webserver error log in module settings.
currently the module does not support x-debug!

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