Extension acronyms and vendor namespaces

This page contains a list of acronyms (or abbreviations) as well as the matching vendor namespaces of module manufacturers. Acronyms were used up to OXID eShop series 4.10 (CE/PE) and 5.3 (EE) as prefixes in custom classes, database fields and tables as well as for marking the origin of a module for OXID eShop.

These acronyms shall have at least two but not more than four characters and be unique to help online merchants, solution partners or support departments to determine whose extension was used. That’s why we propose to register the acronym of your choice at this page so others will know it is assigned already.

“Vendor namespace” refers to the PHP Namespace you wish to use in your OXID eSales modules or extensions. The string “Oxid” is reserved by Oxid eSales AG, and other vendor namespaces must not contain this string.

If you want to register your acronym or namespace, please send a pull request on GitHub (see button on the top).

Please also provide your company name or your name as a freelancer and a link to your website. You can also link to a specially prepared landing page telling the potential requester that there’s no personal support or only special modules will be supported etc.

If you decide to not publish these information, nobody can guarantee that your acronym will not be used by somebody else.

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Acronym Vendor namespace Company name
a4p apps4print
ab AlfredBez Alfred Bez
ag AGETO Service GmbH
ag Aggrosoft Aggrosoft GmbH
aik aikme GmbH (aikmedia)
aix AIXhibit AG
ak AdrianKirchner Adrian Kirchner
all Allenstein Media
any Anymotion anyMOTION GRAPHICS GmbH
ao addonline
ape von Affenfels GmbH
as Anton Scheib
asign ASign A-Sign GmbH
asy AlphaSys Alpha-Sys, Fabian Kunkler
asys arvato Systems GmbH
av ActiveValue active value GmbH
aw Artware Multimedia GmbH
az anzido GmbH
b2b OXID eSales AG (Enterprise B2B Edition Modules)
bf Bergfreunde Bergfreunde GmbH
bo Myboshi GmbH
bisweb BisWeb Bischoff Webentwicklung
bla bestlife AG
bn Bohm Nonnen Urhahn Büro für interaktive Medien GmbH
bpy Billpay GmbH
br bitREC
bs BuchSuite Buchsuite GbR
bz Barzahlen
c4s Proclane GmbH
cc Commerce Coding
cc CodeCommerce Code.Commerce
cher Thomas Decher
cl Christian Luis
cm commodule UG
cnc concepts and creations
cob codeblick – Argun und Seelos GbR
conn connectiv! eSolutions GmbH
cs constructdoors constructdoors
d3 D3 D³ Data Development
dc datenwerkstatt.com
dd DeutscheDaten Portal- und Plattformlösungen GmbH
dd DigideskMediaSolutions digidesk - media solutions
ddr Dmitrijus Druteika
dg draufgeschaut.de
dh Dennis Heidtmann
did digitaldrang digitaldrang
dk Christian Neumann, Datenkarussell
dot dotfly GmbH
dre Bodynova Bodynova GmbH
ds DefShop KG
dw denkwerk GmbH
dwa Die WEB-Architektin
dx Dixeno Dixeno GmbH
eb Wapsol GmbH | euroblaze
ecom eCom Software Solution
ecs eComStyle.de
ei eSales International Inc
em egate media GmbH
eo EOD European Online Distribution GmbH
erx Erx Euroxid
ew eWorks GmbH
ewx ERFOLGswerkzeug ERFOLGswerkzeug GmbH & Co. KG
fa Fleurami fleur ami GmbH
fc Fatchip FATCHIP GmbH
fdi Fdi fabrique d’images ebusiness GmbH
ffb four for business AG
fox foxido.de
fp FlorianPalme Florian Palme
gdk Gedak GmbH
gh digital guru GmbH & Co. KG
gn2 gn2 netwerk
gra GRAVIS Computervertriebsges. mbH
hsm A. Hausmann GmbH
ipro idowapro idowapro.de
ifab IFabrikGmbH i-fabrik GmbH
ifabrik Internetfabrik Internetfabrik GmbH
imva imva.biz
ith ITholics GmbH
jn jaron GmbH
js Jeuck Software
jx Joachim Barthel
ka kaluzki Demjan Kaluzki
kd koffer-direkt.de GmbH & Co. KG
kmt Kosmonaut GmbH & Co. KG
kh kuehlhaus AG
kira Kira Informatik GmbH
kl Klarna AB
laudert Laudert Laudert GmbH & Co. KG
ld Loesdau Pferdesporthaus Loesdau GmbH & Co. KG
makaira Makaira Makaira - (a marmalade project)
marm Marmalade marmalade GmbH
mb Martin Bornack
mf Mayflower GmbH
mg suabo
mgm mgm technology partners GmbH
mo Mediaopt Mediaopt GmbH
moe Michael Oehme
mojo mobilemojo – Multichannel Commerce
mpm Michaël Parienti
ms S&S Software und Service GmbH
mst Marco Steinhäuser
mx maexware maexware solutions GmbH
net Netensio
nf Netzfokus GmbH
nfc Netformic Netformic GmbH
nr norisk Norisk GmbH
nw Naehwelt Nähwelt Flach GmbH
nxs NEXUS Netsoft GmbH
o2m 2melons media GmbH
od OXID-Design
of2 Keywan Ghadami
one One Commerce GmbH
ot Ontraq Ontraq Europe GmbH & Co. KG
ox OxidEsales OXID eSales AG
oxcom OxidCommunity OXID Community
oxac OxidAcademy OXID Academy
oxs OxidEsalesSupport OXID eSales AG (Support)
oxps OxidProfessionalServices OXID eSales AG (Professional Services)
oe OxidEsales OXID eSales AG (eFire extensions)
payo Payolution
payp PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A.
pc Proud Commerce Proud Sourcing GmbH
phpmw Michael Wagner(http://www.wagnerentwicklung.de)
pl premiereline.de
pp Pixelpark AG
pr primus-print
ps Proud Sourcing Proud Sourcing GmbH (deprecated)
ps OXID eSales AG (Professional Services) (deprecated)
ra RenzelAgentur renzel.agentur GmbH
ros Reich Online Services GmbH
rpay RatePAY RatePAY GmbH
rr Robert Rosendahl
rth RiethBiz Helmut Rieth
sb Shopboost GmbH
sbw Stephan Bauer Webentwicklung
sc ScaleCommerce GmbH
sd solutionDrive GmbH
se Solid Evolution
secom Schommer E-Commerce
sit Schwinkendorf IT Systeme
slt SALT Solutions GmbH
sm Shopmacher SHOPMACHER eCommerce GmbH & Co. KG
smx shoptimax GmbH
sol SeidemannSolutions seidemann: solutions GmbH
sov Sovendus GmbH
spark5 Spark5 GmbH
st subtel subtel GmbH
sv Christian Lehmann
sw SeidemannWeb Seidemann Web GmbH
sx sologics GmbH & Co. KG
tab Tobias Merkl
tds Teich Datensysteme
te Techlines Noel Tschigor
tc top concepts GmbH
tm Tobi Matthaiou
to 21TORR GmbH
trka tarkka.ch
tro Tronet GmbH
tru Truman Textilien GmbH
trw TheRealWorld Lorenz & Lorenz GbR
tsw texdata software gmbh
tw Take it Web
twt TWT TWT Interactive GmbH
um Unit M GmbH Mülheim
vd VITAdisplays VITAdisplays
ve VeInteractive
ver VERDURE Medienteam GmbH
vkf VKFRenzel VKF Renzel GmbH
vt Marat Bedoev
wea WEA IT-Solutions
wes Weber eBusiness Services GmbH
wn Wendnet
wx webXpression
zlab ZLab Zeppelin Lab GmbH
zox Zoks.Net
zw Zunderweb
zx Zaxxo Zaxxo UG