Files & Folder Permission Setup

When checking system requirements, OXID eShop script tries to chmod some directories to writable. This fails on some (restrictive) operating systems like Debian or FreeBSD.

To resolve this, set file permissions manually, using your FTP client. If you don’t know what is meant by “writable” and “read-only”, please turn to your server provider. The values may differ depending on your operating system and the options your hosting provider used on this machine.

Those and subdirectories must be writeable all the time:

  • /out/pictures/
  • /out/media/
  • /log/
  • /tmp/

During installation those must be writeable

  • /
  • /.htaccess

After installation those must be read-only

  • /
  • /.htaccess

and set the export dir to writeable

  • /export

If after all checking the script still mentions some faulty configuration, you can check which folder is meant with this hack:

– make a backup-copy of /core/oxsysrequirements.php

– around line 375, put in following codeline just before “return $iModStat”

echo $sPathToCheck;

Thanks to Zottle for sharing!

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