How to move OXID eShop from one server to another

To move an existing shop to another Server, you have to follow some essential steps:

  1. Install the basic shop with the same version on the new server.
  2. Switch your “old” shop to offline by removing the check mark from “active” in backend -> basics to prevent further data changes.
  3. Generate a dump of your “old” database.
    Starting from Shopversion 4.5.0 there are tables with prefix “oxv_” – please do not include them into the dump! These contain the generated views, you could say this is the database-cache.
    There are several possibilities to generate a dump. One for small databases would be to use phpMyAdmin. Unfortunately most hosters limit the size for uploading files and larger files will exceed the script runtime quickly. Therefore it would be better to use the open source tool MySQLDumper for backing up and restore. The MySQLDumper can be installed with a few clicks nearly automatically. You will find lots of information, tutorials and even a forum on their site.
  4. Now import the generated dump into your new database by using the same tool that you used to create the dump. All data content should be overwritten with the backup. Be aware that by moving the database every user account will be transferred with their passwords, including your admin-account to access the backend.
  5. Transfer all files from your “old” shop to the new location, overwrite existing files – except of the content of /tmp – directory, the and the .htaccess. It is really important to transfer the files in “binary”-mode!
  6. If you used a different directory for your template-set in your “old” shop, you now have to inscribe this path into the new to make it work.
  7. Please make sure to to flush all files in /tmp directory.
  8. From shopversion 4.5.0 on you need to regenerate the views, this is located under Service -> Tools.
  9. put in the check mark “active” in backend -> basics in your new shop.
  10. et voilá – it works!

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