How we temporarily handle the right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR)

We’ve experienced requests concerning the “Right to data portability” (Art. 20 GDPR) on several channels. The legal text states

… receive the personal data … in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format…

which is not clearly specified, is it? Until clear specification, we tread the path of providing an SQL script for reading out relevant information from the database (see below).

Please note that this script was tested in OXID eShop v6.0.2 any edition. It is licensed under GPLv3, so please feel free to port it to other OXID eShop versions (and let the community participate in your derived work).

For the usage of the provided SQL script you’ll need the database name, the database user name and the password as well as the UserID which can be found in Admin -> Administer users -> Users. Hover your mouse cursor above the specific user name and find his UserID in the link (button left corner).

Find out oxID of a user


Copy this script into a file of your choosing, name it something like gdpr_query_collection.sql.

In line 1 of the script, you’ll find the following:

Please replace [INSERT USERID HERE] with the real customer number you found in your admin panel (see screenshot above).

Now you can go through the script and adjust it for your needs: some fields are skipped for the sake of readability – of course you can add whatever you want or whatever is possible.

Please connect to the terminal of your server via SSH and run the script on the shell, for example like this (replace everything in brackets with your data):

If you’d rather have semicolons instead of tabs as field separators, run the following:

Data to be exported:

  • data from oxuser
  • newsletter status
  • additional delivery addresses
  • order data
  • wishlist data
  • gift registry data
  • listmania data
  • download orders
  • basket data
  • ratings
  • reviews
  • invitations
  • price alerts
  • vouchers used
  • payments performed
  • agreed to terms and services (private sales only)

Please note:

  • Product Comparison is stored in the user’s browser session and never to the database.
  • Product Recommendations are directly submitted via e-mail and will never be stored to the database.



We hope that helps until we got a bit more clear information about this topic.


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