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Running Update

1. Create backups

Backup all shop files and the shop database.

2. Copy files

Copy all files from the /copy_this directory to the main directory of your shop. The main directory is the directory containing the file.

3. Update database

The update package contains the /updateApp directory with a small program which executes the updates. Copy the /updateApp directory to the main directory of your shop. You can run the program application either by command line or using the browser.

3.1. By command line

Go to the /updateApp directory and execute php run_cli.php in the command line.

3.2 By Browser

Open in your browser. Replace with the URL of your shop.

Please note that the update may take some time for larger databases. The database update may last several hours. Delete the /updateApp directory once your database update is complete.

4. Delete temporary files and update views

Delete all files and folders from the /tmp directory of the shop except for .htaccess. If database of the shop was changed (mostly at a major release), the views have to be updated. Therefor go to Service -> Tools in the admin panel of the shop. Click the Update DB Views now button.

5. Adjust templates

The /changed_full directory contains templates and further files for the shop. If you update a shop without adjusted templates and files, you may copy all files directly to the shop.

In general, especially for adjusted shops, all changes are to be considered. This also applies to working with your own theme. Check whether changes to the templates and files used have happened. If applicable, the respective changes are documented in the /templ_docu_admin and /templ_docu_azure directories. If one of these folders does not exist, there were no changes to the files of this administration panel or to the theme.