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Server and system requirements

OXID eShop 4&5 can be run on different server systems. The choice of a suitable hosting package depends on a number of things, for instance on the number of articles, expected shop visitors and orders. A shared hosting system is more than enough for a small shop with a few thousand articles, a small amount of visitors per month and a manageable order volume. If a shop is larger than this, a managed server system would be appropriate. You will find consulting and support at our OXID Hosting Partners. They provide specifically tailored solutions for OXID eShop.

For running OXID eShop, some system requirements have to fit. Among them the supported versions of Apache web server, MySQL database server and PHP serverside script and programming language. You will find a list of all necessary system requirements here: System requirements for OXID eShop

Hint: For system requirements for OXID eShop > 6 please see OXID eShop v6.0.0 Beta: System Requirements