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Setup execution

OXID eShop is installed and configured via web based setup. Open a browser and invoke Replace with the URL under which your OXID eShop is going to be made available.

The setup starts. It consists of 6 or 7 steps. The additional step is required to enter a license key for the Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition.

During the installation, certain data will be written into the .htaccess and Both files are located in the main directory of the shop and should not be read-only during the installation process.

1. System Requirements

In the first setup phase the system requirements will be checked. Please choose the language for the installation. The display will be changed into your chosen language.

The colored symbols show if the system requirements are fulfilled:

  • Requirement fulfilled   the requirement is fulfilled.
  • Requirement partly fulfilled   the requirement is not or only partly fulfilled. The OXID eShop, however, would run and can be installed.
  • Requirement not fulfilled   the requirement is not fulfilled. The OXID eShop doesn’t function without this requirement and cannot be installed.
  • Requirement could not be verified   the requirement could not be verified.

Make sure that all system requirements are fulfilled to install OXID eShop and to run it without errors. Please refer to your OXID Hosting Partner or Internet Service Provider (ISP), if some configuration problems occur. As soon as all the system requirements are fulfilled (no red marks remain), press the button Proceed with setup.

2. Welcome

Region, the main country of delivery and the language of the shop can be configured in the second step. With region you define which economic region your shop is aligned to. At the moment it is categorized as Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) and Other. You can add other delivery countries and/or languages at anytime later.

Confirm to get additional information from the OXID server. That is important for the use of OXID eFire, as this way, the information is directly shown in the admin area of the shop. Also activate the check box for the regular update check. Push the button Start installation.

3. License conditions

On this setup page the license terms are shown. Please read the license terms of your OXID eShop. If you agree to the terms then choose I accept license conditions and click Continue.

4. Database

In the fourth setup phase the data of your created database is required.

Database hostname or IP
You can leave the default value “local host”, if your database and the web server are running on the same server. That is standard for most shops. If the database runs on another server, then the hostname or IP address of the data base server should be given.

Database name
Enter the name of the previously created database.

Database username and Database password
Enter your database access data.

Demo data
Decide if you want to install the shop with pre-installed demo products. Demo data is recommended, if you first want to familiarize yourself with the shop test the installation. You can delete the demo data, if you want to fill the shop with your own products.

Even if you install your shop without a demo shop, you can always look through and try out the prepared demo shops on our website. You can test most functions there. Some functions in the demo shop mode are however limited for security reasons. Don’t worry about breaking something in a demo shop it is reset every hour.

Demo shop Community Edition

Use UTF-8 character encoding
The UTF-8 encoding is reasonable if you want to use several languages with different character sets, for example German and Russian.

Press the button Create database now. In some special constellations directly creating the database without having to do it manually beforehand is allowed. As your database already exists, all the necessary tables and information will now be stored in this database.

5. Directory & login

In the next setup phase you have to customize directory settings and configure access data for the admin panel of the shop. The setup-routine automatically detects directories and prefillsthem. Modification is not necessary in most cases.

Shop URL
The URL that is shown here is the one your shop will be accessible through.

Directory for OXID eShop
The server path to the shop will be displayed.

Directory for temporary data
Directory where the temporary files of the shop will be stored, for example for Smarty- or SEO-Cache.

Enter an additional e-mail address and the password of the administrator. You can log into the administration panel with this information after the shop setup is completed. Keep this access information in a safe place.

6. License

Shop owners with an Enterprise or Professional Edition enter the license key here, the one you received when purchasing the OXID eShop. The license key is written on the delivery note that was sent to you via e-mail. Continue with Save license key.

7. Finish

The setup is now successfully completed. You can access the start page of your shop via the link To Shop. The To admin interface link leads you directly to the admin panel.