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Verifying installation

Setup folder

After the successful installation the /setup folder will be automatically deleted. This is to prevent the setup process being started again later. Please make sure that the folder deletion was successful.

File and folder permissions

For the proper running of the shop write permission is required for some folders (file permissions at 777 or 775). Please make sure that write permission is set for the folders /out/pictures, /log, /tmp and /export, also recursively to all sub folders.

After the setup completion the files .htaccess and from the main directory should be read-only (file permission at 444).

Check script oxchkversion.php

Oxchkversion.php is a script for OXID eShop’s consistency check. It helps you to identify if all shop data is copied correctly by the FTP program to the web server.

Oxchkversion for OXID eShop all editions