Language pack “Russian for OXID eShop” finished

I am very glad to let you know that the present stable OXID eShop version 4.10.2 (resp. 5.3.2) including the Flow theme has been translated 100% into Russian language for the storefront, administration panel and setup.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to 16 voluntary translators that have been working on it over the time, especially Ilya Starovoitov from who translated the left over ~ 1,100 (!) language keys with mostly very extensive contents within the last few days.

After I updated the OXID translation center to the latest stable version recently, I sent an e-mail to all translators registered there before, and fortunately, a lot of them followed this call. Hence, there are eleven languages now available for OXID eShop with the status “perfect” or “OK”, among them Czech again (many thanks to eleven translators, especially Robert Seehofner), French, Spanish and Spanish for Latin America.

Where to download

We are translating OXID eShop on the basis of each recent patch release at the OXID translation center. Please register here if you can help. From this translation center, it is possible to download all translations in a single package (even as a guest), and also to upload them for version control reasons to GitHub. On GitHub, we enrich the translations with other files necessary in OXID like map.php, transliterations or flags. A daily cron job fetches the master branch, unzips and splits it into language specific packages that can be downloaded either

If you can’t install these translations or have other questions about it, please feel free to use the forums.

Many thanks to all you volunteer translators and sponsors of language packages in the name of the entire community!



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