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List of Config Options

This page contains a list of available configuration option in the file config.inc.php of the regular OXID eShop installation.

If you want to add a config option, please send a pull request on GitHub (see button on the top).


Separator for Im/Export in Enterprise Edition


Encloser for Im/Export


Shop will be checked for version in admin home page only if this option is checked

sAltImageDir / sSSLAltImageUrl

In case if pictures for articles should be loaded from separate server and are available only through http - it's enough to include sAltImageDir option in config.inc.php. Then to load picture for article only define the rest http path to the image file. Attention: If this option is set in the configuration file config.inc.php, uploading of product pictures in admin area is not possible! If you are using https, you also have to set the sSSLAltImageUrl option.

$this->sAltImageDir = "[http://[path_to_images_dir_on_server]/";
$this->sSSLAltImageUrl = "[https://[path_to_images_dir_on_server]/";


In case you setup different subdomain for SSL/non-SSL pages cookies may not be shared between them. Defines the domain that the cookie is available.


define 'Auth_OpenID_RAND_SOURCE' (filename for a source of random bytes)

$this->sAuthOpenIdRandSource  = '/dev/urandom';


possibility to define path on the server in which the cookie will be available on.

$this->sCookiePath = '/dev/urandom';


Force session start on first page view and for users whose browsers do not accept cookies, append sid parameter to URLs.

$this->blForceSessionStart = "1";


Defines IP addresses, for which session + cookie id match and user agent change checks are off.


Additionally checks if "oxactivefrom > current date < oxactiveto"


If value is TRUE checks stock state "( oxstock > 0 or ( oxstock <= 0 and ( oxstockflag = 1 or oxstockflag = 4 ) )"


Is a global config parameter which activates a template override system for an easier design customization and defines custom theme directory name in ‘views’ folder. The structure of this custom theme has to be the same as main theme. The shop will look up if there is an adapted file in your custom folder; if not it will return to the main folder.


Log all modifications performed in Admin (in oxadminlog table)

$this->blLogChangesInAdmin = 0;


Common cart for subshops use together with option in main shop configurations (Mall tab): "Allow users from other shops"


Switch off SEO URLs

$this->blSeoMode = false;


Change number of item pictures

$this->iPicCount = 12;


Some classes can be overloaded, but only by setting up this information in config.inc.php directly

$this->aModules = array(
‘oxutilsobject’ => ‘my_oxutilsobject’


This configuration array specifies additional request parameters, which, if received, forces a new session being started.

This is the default array with the request parameters and their values, which forces a new session:

    'cl' => array(
        'register' => true,
        'account'  => true,
    'fnc' => array( 
        'tobasket' => true, 
        'login_noredirect' => true, 
        'tocomparelist'    => true,
    '_artperpage' => true,
    'ldtype'      => true,
    'listorderby' => true,

If you want to extend this array include in config.inc.php file this option:

$this->aRequireSessionWithParams = array(
    'parameter_name' => array(
        'parameter_value' => true,

The keys of the array are the names of parameters and the values of the arrays are the parameter values that lead to the session being started, e.g:

$this->aRequireSessionWithParams = array(
    'fnc' => array(
        'login_noredirect' => true,
    'new_sid' => true


Enables or disables the use of cron jobs in config.inc.php

Implemented with OXID eShop version 4.6.0

$this->blUseCron = true;


Sets the default value of credit rating

Implemented with OXID eShop version 4.7.3

$this->iCreditRating = 1000;


Prices will be entered without tax


If you can't log in to the admin panel, try setting the parameter blSkipViewUsage temproarily to "true".

Implemented with OXID eShop version 4.7

$this->blSkipViewUsage = true;


Add your own logo image file, upload it to /out/az ure/img/.

Implemented with OXID eShop version 4.8

$this->sShopLogo = 'your_own_image.jpg'


Enables shop demo mode

$this->blDemoShop= true;


Disable module auto deactivation

Implemented with OXID eShop versions 5.1.2/4.8.2 and 5.0.11/4.7.11

$this->blDoNotDisableModuleOnError = false;