List of Cookies

name description Introduced in version Removed in version Edition
sid Session ID value < 4.5.0 All
admin_sid Session ID value < 4.5.0 All
language Shop language < 4.5.0 All
displayedCookiesNotification Used for Cookie note, store bool value showed / not showed 5.0.0 All
oxenv_key Environment key for reverse proxy cache – Varnish 5.0.0 All
oxidadminprofile Store last locally used profile (Admin) < 4.5.0 All
oxidadminlanguage Store language (Admin) < 4.5.0 All
oxidadminfavorites Store favorite navigation (Admin) < 4.5.0 All
oxidadminhistory Store navigation history parameters (Admin) < 4.5.0 All
sid_key SID (Session Identification Number) < 4.5.0 All
oxid_[shopId] Users information < 4.5.0 All
oxid_[shopId]_autologin Users autologin information < 4.5.0 All
fbwidgetson Facebook information exchange confirmation: confirmed / not confirmed 4.5.1 All
showlinksonce Product details page action menu: showed / not showed 4.5.0 All
hideBetaNote Beta note is turned off or not (used in Beta releases) 4.5.0 All
aHistoryArticles History article id’s < 4.5.0 All
showlinksonce if user comes first time to details shows action links box and sets to cookie, not to show it later All

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