Maintenance Mode

With this neat module you can access the frontend by simply adding “?user=admin_user_name&pass=admin_password” as URL parameters. This module can as well be used when doing some maintenance in a running system.

Save the following code as “modules/powertemplate/pt_oxcmp_shop/pt_oxcmp_shop.php” and activate the module by adding “oxcmp_shop => powertemplate/pt_oxcmp_shop/pt_oxcmp_shop” in the modules section ain the backend.

Now you can set your shop as “offline” by unchecking “active” in the backend. While your visitors can not access the shop, you can by adding “?user=admin_user_name&pass=admin_password” to your shop URL. Your visitors will be redirected to “offline.html” automatically.

If you want to design a seperate page for the maintenance-information, you can change following code-lines from:

simply to


Now all visitors get redirected to maintenance.html which you can design according to your needs.

According to the forums thread this module is working as well in actual 4.5.x versions.

Thanks to Avenger for sharing!



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