New feature Facebook with OXID eShop 4.4

OXID eShop ships with an awesome integration of Facebook into the Open Source eCommerce system. By utilizing Facebook’s social plugins, users of OXID eShop will be able to easily provide personalized online shops that tap into the word-of-mouth marketing power of Facebook out of the box.


This screencast demos the Facebook integration into OXID eShop.

Length: 3:43 minutes

Link Facebook Connect with OXID eShop Accounts

Facebook Connect

Log in with a Facebook account at any ecommerce site based on OXID eShop. After you provided your credentials, Facebook Connect will ask you whether you want to allow OXID eShop to access your Facebook information. Once you are logged in you can log out any time.

Facebook Connect has been tightly integrated with the authentication system of OXID eShop. It provides the ability to optionally link a Facebook account to an existing OXID eShop account.

Share Shop Items on Facebook

Facebook Share

Once logged in, Facebook users can share a shop item maintained within OXID eShop with their friends on Facebook. Friends will see a product description, photo and link.

Facebook’s “Like” for All Shop Items

Facebook Like

Another Facebook feature is that you indicate that you like a certain product so that your friends see it on your Facebook Wall. Once you clicked on the Like button you are asked to enter a message and you post it to Facebook. Now that message will appear within your Facebook stream.

On the product page in OXID eShop you can actually see which of your friends also like this product.

This nicely shows that the integration between OXID eShop and Facebook goes both ways: From OXID eShop into Facebook and back.

Comment on a Product With Facebook

Facebook Comment

Shop visitors can comment on any product within OXID eShop by using your Facebook account.

Before you post a comment, you can choose whether you also want to have it automatically posted to your Facebook stream. In OXID eShop, you can also delete a comment that you created with your Facebook account.

Given that this makes it a lot easier for shop visitors to engage on a shop platform, eCommerce Websites based on OXID eShop will be able to provide valuable User Generated Content.

Invite Facebook Friends to a Shop

Facebook Invite

Another great feature is that you can invite friends to a product page. Right from within OXID eShop, you will be able to search for a friend and then send an automated invitation. A preview of how the invitation notification will look like to a friend as rendered by Facebook is being provided. The notification will includesa link right to the respective product page.

Chat with Facebook Friends About a Product

Facebook Chat

One more awesome feature is that OXID eShop allows you to chat via text messages in real time with friends you previously invited. This allows Facebook users to immediately learn what some of their friends think about the product and assist them in their purchase decision.

Facepile Shows All Subscribed Friends

Facebook Facepile

Last but not least, OXID eShop includes the Facepile plugin which displays all Facebook friends that have already subscribed to a certain shop item.


Included since OXID eShop 4.4.0.

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