New feature in OXID eShop 4.4 Live Shopping – Private Sales

OXID eShop includes freely available and extensible functionality to setup Live Shopping and Private Sales eCommerce websites. Thus, shop owners can leverage dynamic sales models by defining members-only sites, offering one deal a day, setting a basket expiration time, and more.


This screencast demos the Private Sales and Live Shopping features included in OXID eShop.

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Create Members-only eCommerce Sites

Members-only site.png


With OXID eShop you can easily create a members-only eCommerce website, which is the main functionality required to implement Private Sales business models on the Web.

With the “Private Sales Login” feature, you can configure OXID eShop so that the home page actually hides the shop items and requires visitors to login first before they are allowed to browse the shopping club.

Initial Opt-in Upon Login

initial opt-inUpon login to a membery-only site, visitors will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions. This allows shop owners to set up an opt in process, so that they can immediately start with one-on-one marketing actions, such as direct mail campaigns.

Initial opt in also speeds up the checkout process, because accepting the Terms and Conditions is not necessary anymore at a later point, especially when purchasing shop items.

Should the Terms and Conditions change, OXID eShop will automatically ask visitors upon their next login to confirm that they accept the changes.

Restrict Browsing the Catalogue and Suggest Going to Checkout

Basket exclusionBasket exclusion is a great feature that forces shop visitors to make a purchase decision before switching to a different shop area: either they proceed to the checkout or all items in the shopping basket will automatically be expunged.

This enables shop owners to encourage visitors to make a purchase decision and counter the fact that the longer a product stays in the basket, the less likely it will be purchased.

Limit the Time that Items Can be Stored in the Basket

Basket expirationOXID eShop allows to limit the time that items can be stored in the basket, thus providing yet another purchase incentive to shop visitors through limited time sales models.

Synchronize Stock Management with Items in Basket

Basket based stock managementOXID eShop actually adjusts stock in real time for limited time sales. That way, shop owners can make sure that there are enough items in stock for a certain amount of time.

For each product, shop owners can define the behavior if it is out of stock. They can define whether the delivery status should be set to “If out of stock, offline”, or “If out of stock, not orderable”. The option “If out of stock, offline” hides the product from the shop, while the option “If out of stock, not orderable”, will remove the “Add to cart” button, but leave product information visible.

Invite Friends and Assign Bonus Points

Friends bonus points

Invite friendsPrivate Sales ecommerce websites live and breathe by their members. Hence OXID eShop allows members to invite friends and thus increase the overall number of members. Registered users will see the “Invite your friends” link in the “Service” box that will take them to a form where they can send an invitation email to several friends.

Additionally, you can define how many bonus points you want to assign to an existing member who successfully invites a friend. Bonus points can also be issued to those who follow an invitation and become a member.

One more great feature for Live Shopping or Private Sales eCommerce sites are promotions that can be placed on a shop’s home page to teaser special offers.

Market Promotions on a Shop’s Front Page

PromotionsEspecially Live Shopping business models such as One-deal-a-day significantly depend on promoting a specific product or a group of products on the front page of an eCommerce site.

For each promotion, OXID eShop allows you to define a time frame and some custom HTML code that for example displays an image and links to a certain page of the shop, that could contain a special offer.


Included since OXID eShop 4.4.0.

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