New features in OXID eShop version 4.3

OXID eShop 4.3 ships with some exciting new features that allow you to

  • Significantly reduce management of product pictures
  • Automatically generate rich snippets for Google Search
  • Use OXID eShop for English sites out of the box
  • Upgrade with ease from any previous version
  • Implement bullet-proof extensions based on our UnitTests

Automatic Picture Resizing

Automatic picture resizingAnyone managing eCommerce content will appreciate the new built-in automatic picture resizing capabilities: Upload one master picture for any shop item and OXID eShop will seamlessly generate all sizes of that image needed for various item views, such as:
  • Large picture for zoom view
  • Thumbnail for item detail view
  • Icon for item listings

You gotta love those little changes that save a lot of time…

Rich Snippets for Google

OXID rich snippet GoogleWant to become rich with Rich Snippets? This should be much easier with OXID eShop 4.3, because it will automatically generate Rich Snippets for each product item, ready for inclusion in Google’s search results via RDFa.

English InsideOXID core settings EN

We spring-cleaned everything OXID eShop for (US-)English. Some of the changes also benefit other languages:
  • Choose the default language right at the beginning of the installation process
  • Fully translated English administration interface
  • Complete and comprehensive English sample data
  • Automatic browser-based language detection for frontend and admin

Easy Upgrades

OXID eShop 4.3 introduces cumulative updates. Sounds complicated? It isn’t; it actually OXID cumulative downloadsmakes upgrading from any of the previous 4.x.x releases to the current release a snap. Imagine your shop is still running OXID eShop 4.1.0. For example, to upgrade to version 4.3.0, pick your current version number (e.g. 4.1.0) from a drop-down list and voilá – you’ll be able to download a package that contains a grouped set of patches that will automatically do the complete upgrade for you.

No need to manually upgrade one point release at a time. With cumulative updates, you still trigger the same upgrade script, yet you only need one package to skip to the most recent release.

Unit Tests Publicly Available

OXID eShop is one of the most thoroughly tested PHP applications out there. More than 90% of its code is covered by Unit Tests. Don’t stand in awe, instead grab the Unit Tests which will be part of each new OXID eShop release from now onwards and use them to develop bullet-proof OXID extensions yourself. You’ll see, testing is fun, because it saves developers and end users from harm.

More Great Enhancements

  • 120 bugs fixed
  • Additional product field for manufacturer article number
  • Credits page that lists third-party software and contributors
  • Added an option to switch VAT calculation from calculating by billing country to delivery country.
  • Improved automated check of European VAT ID by adding possibility to define alternative WSDL URL. In case the service is down, there is now an option in the admin interface to disable it (Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> VAT)
  • Ask for admin password upon first installation
  • Simplified installation of OXID eShop in sub-directory of web root
  • Exclusion of certain products or categories from vouchers. For example, you can exclude all items in your shop that are less than 20.00 EUR from a 10.00 EUR discount.
  • Turn on or off specific features in administration interface, such as vouchers, Open ID, gift packaging, greeting cards, Listmania (aka list of favorites), product comparison, whishlist
  • Complete integration of FACT-Finder Professional Package via OXID eFire

Further Information