New features in OXID eShop version 4.4

OXID eShop 4.4.0 includes awesome new features that allow you to

  • Build Private Sales and Live Shopping eCommerce websites
  • Tap into the word-of-mouth marketing power of Facebook
  • Leverage eCommerce services by Trusted Shops: offer shop visitors a money back guarantee and allow them to rate and recommend an online shop

Private Sales & Live Shopping Features

Basket ExpirationOXID eShop includes freely available and extensible functionality to setup Live Shopping and Private Sales eCommerce websites. Thus, shop owners can leverage dynamic sales models and use the following features to implement them:
  • Create members-only sites
  • Require opt-in upon login e.g. for Terms and Conditions
  • Set a basket expiration time for limited time sales
  • Restrict browsing the catalogue and suggest going to checkout
  • Synchronize stock management with items in basket
  • Invite friends and assign bonus points
  • Market promotions on a shop’s front page

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Facebook Integration

Facebook LikeThe next major release of OXID eShop, version 4.4.0, will ship with an awesome integration of Facebook into the Open Source eCommerce system. It will utilize Facebook Connect, Share, Like, Comment, Invite, Chat, and more.

By utilizing Facebook’s social plugins, users of OXID eShop will be able to easily provide personalized online shops that tap into the word-of-mouth marketing power of Facebook out of the box.

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Money Back Guarantee Through Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops ProtectionECommerce sites that operate in Germany will appreciate that OXID eShop now supports buyer protection through Trusted Shops, Europe’s market leader in the accreditation of online shops. The buyer protection provides money back guarantee and secures the purchase of a customer up to a chosen safety level.

Trusted Shops Customer Ratings and Recommendations

Trusted Shops RatingYet another new eCommerce service offered by Trusted Shops that has been included in OXID eShop 4.4.0 is Customer Ratings. It allows shop owners to give their customers orientation with genuine opinions from buyers and provide better service with the feedback option.

More Great Enhancements

  • Help tool tips for all new configuration options in admin
  • Certification of OXID eShop by Trusted Shops has been renewed
  • All new features are disabled by default

Further Information