A short tutorial how to use the Nivo-Slider instead of the default slider coming with Community Edition 4.5

  • download Nivoslider at:
  • create galleryslider.tpl in folder /out/azure/tpl/widget with following content (maybe you need to replace “azure” with your own template folder name):

  • include into base.tpl:
    [{oxscript include=’js/nivoslider.js’}] // be sure to use the correct filename from the package
  • create another file with following content:

  • save this file as initnivo.js and include as well into base.tpl aufrufen (where all the other scripts are included):
    [{oxscript include=’js/initnivo.js’}]
  • add the Nivoslider-CSS to the Oxid-CSS:

  • include following code into the template where you want to show the slider:
    [{include file=”widget/galleryslider.tpl” }]
  • Create promotions as banners in backend and enjoy! 🙂

Thanks Chris/coarsy!


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