O OXID Developer, Where Art Thou?

OXID Jobs - Come on in boys. The water is fine.Everybody is presently looking for good OXID developers, freelancers are consistently looking for freelance jobs and online merchants for developers to take over these jobs. In order to increase the density in this network, we invented a new feature on this page, OXID Jobs (also to be found in the main navigation on the left hand side).

No matter if you are an integrator, agency, partner with OXID or not, freelancer, online merchant, headhunter, no matter if you are looking for a job or a developer, please feel free to send your request or offer.

We’ve had this feature in a beta phase online for a while now, and in the mean time, the German part is already well stuffed. Please consider to post your job requests or offers in English as well if it doesn’t matter what the native tongue of your target audience is.

There are only a few rules we frankly request to have in mind:

  • Your request or offer will be visible and can be found unless you tell us to remove it.
  • Please note that this is an OXID specific job market for developers (resp. close to development jobs).
  • You don’t have to be logged in in order to send your request or offer. That’s why your entries will be moderated in a manner that we will check the content but will not touch it. Except of you’ll enter other than OXID development jobs 😉
  • Please submit a quadratic, not too large (~400px) company logo.
  • Last not least: this service is for free and will remain. As a company, please consider to sponsor the fare or the accommodation expenses of a developer for one of the next hackathon events in return.

That’s it, folks. Looking forward to your entries and wishing everybody the best success with OXID Jobs!

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