oxBlocks in admin

Why to use oxBlocks, how does it help me in developing admin GUI features?

oxBlocks gives a flexibility that is desired by every developer. Now you can write modules to implement your own GUI features in admin, because oxBlocks can be replaced by your own pieces of content. As off now, the admin GUI is stuffed with oxBlocks and gives you smart layout flexibility to personalize admin view for your needs to satisfy your clients.

oxBlock naming

The name of an oxBlock is following this conventions:


The name of an element has been given by the logic of it’s purpose, for example: listheader, parent, listitem, newitem.

Other examples:

[{block name="admin_article_variant_listheader"}]

[{block name="admin_article_variant_parent"}]

[{block name="admin_article_variant_listitem"}]

[{block name="admin_article_variant_newitem"}]

For other logical names we are using: colgroup, sorting, item, main_form and etc. Some of the templates contain oxBlocks with names like [admin]_[template_file_name], because this specific oxBlock is unique and exists only once in this template. Example: language_edit.tpl contains a single oxBlock with the name “admin_language_edit”.

oxBlock naming summary

As mentioned before every admin template file can have blocks with [admin]_[template_file_name]_[element] or just [admin]_[template_file_name].
Common “element” list:

  • form
  • editor
  • product
  • colgroup
  • filter
  • sorting
  • item
  • content
  • media
  • main
  • custom
  • text
  • scaleprice
  • listheader
  • parent
  • listitem
  • newitem
  • description
  • filelist
  • header
Exception: there is a set of other, not globally usable uncommon elements. Their naming system is the same. 

oxBlock cutting

oxBlocks are wrapping outside or inside known elements like forms, form elements, tables, table cells and rows, lists and list items, colgroups, colspans, smarty includes. For example, tabs can be divided in one or more blocks by a logical difference, like Product Stock Tab divided in stock oxBlock and scale prices oxBlock. The oxBlock naming system should be auto-explanatory when it comes to cutting oxBlocks in the layout.

oxBlocks in Admin Usage