OXID eShop cheat sheet

Smarty (all tags are enclosed in [{…}] )

[{* this is a comment *}] comments syntax
oxgetseourl ident=$oViewConf->getSelfLink()|cat:“cl=info&tpl=foobar.tpl“ generates a SEO link
oxmultilang ident=“MULTILANGIDENT“ gathers translations
oxstyle include=$oViewConf->getModuleUrl(“custom, “out/custom.css”) include css from module
oxscript include=”js/widgets/oxinputvalidator.js” priority=10 include js file with priority to load
oxscript add=”$(‘form’).validator();” add javascript to template


$oViewConf->getActArticleId() [articleId] (Returns active article id)
$oViewConf->getActCatId() [categoryId] (Returns active category id)
$oViewConf->getActLanguageId() [langId] (Returns session language id)
$oViewConf->getActManufacturerId() [manufacturerID] (Returns active manufacturer id)
$oViewConf->getActSearchParam() [searchParam] (Returns active search parameter)
$oViewConf->getActSearchTag() [searchTag] (Returns active search tag parameter)
$oViewConf->getActTplName() [templateName] (Returns active template name)
$oViewConf->getActTplName() start, details, list (Returns name of active view class)
$oViewConf->getActiveShopId() oxbaseshop || EE only: 1, 2, 3,.. (Returns currently open shop id)
$oViewConf->getActiveShopId() <input name=”stoken” value=”6F12EEC4″ type=”hidden”>
<input name=”force_sid” value=”[sessionId]” type=”hidden”>
<input name=”lang” value=”[langId]” type=”hidden”>
(Returns forms hidden session parameters)
$oViewConf->getNavFormParams() <input name=”ldtype” value=”infogrid” type=”hidden”>
(Returns navigation forms parameters)
$oViewConf->getNavUrlParams() &amp;ldtype=infogrid (Returns navigation url parameters)
$oViewConf->isBuyableParent() true|false (Returns “blVariantParentBuyable” parent article config state)
$oViewConf->isSsl() true|false (Returns ssl mode (on/off))

Url + Directories

$oViewConf->getAdminDir() /this/is/shop/root/admin/ (config.inc.php) (Returns admin path)
$oViewConf->getBaseDir() http://www.domain.com/ (Returns shops base directory path)
$oViewConf->getCurrentHomeDir() http(s)://www.domain.com/ (Returns shops home path)
$oViewConf->getHelpPageLink() http://www.domain.com/Help-Main/?force_sid=[sessionId] (Returns shop help link)
$oViewConf->getHomeLink() http://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp; (Returns shops home link)
$oViewConf->getImageUrl() http(s)://www.domain.com/out/basic/img/ (Returns image url)
$oViewConf->getNoSslImageDir() http://www.domain.com/out/basic/img/ (Returns non ssl image url)
$oViewConf->getResourceUrl() http(s)://www.domain.com/out/basic/src/ (Returns shops resource url)
$oViewConf->getTemplateDir() /this/is/shop/root/out/basic/tpl/ (Returns shops current [related to language] templates path)
$oViewConf->getUrlTemplateDir() http(s)://www.domain.com/out/basic/tpl/ (Returns shops current templates url)
$oViewConf->getPictureDir() http(s)://www.domain.com/out/pictures/ (Returns dynamic (language related) image url, planned deprecation)
$oViewConf->getSelfActionLink() http(s)://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp; (Returns shops action link)
$oViewConf->getSelfLink() http://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp; (Returns shops self link)
$oViewConf->getSslSelfLink() http(s)://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp; (Returns shops self ssl link)
oxRegistry::getUtils()->redirect($sUrl, $blAddRedirectParam, $iHeaderCode) null|exit (Redirect user to the specified URL)

Checkout process

$oViewConf->getBasketLink() http://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp;cl=basket
(Returns shops basket link)
$oViewConf->getExeOrderLink() http(s)://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp;cl=order&amp;fnc=execute
(Returns shops order execution link)
$oViewConf->getOrderConfirmLink() http(s)://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp;cl=order
(Returns shops order confirmation link)
$oViewConf->getOrderLink() http(s)://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp;cl=user
(Returns shops order link)
$oViewConf->getPaymentLink() http(s)://www.domain.com/index.php?force_sid=[sessionId]&amp;cl=payment
(Returns shops payment link)


dumpVar($mVar) PHP in OXID eShop framework (formatted)
var_dump($mVar) in PHP (detailed)
debug_backtrace($oVar) in PHP (especially detailed)
$mVar|@var_dump in Smarty
$mVar|debug_print_var in Smarty
$aVar|@debug_print_var in Smarty for Arrays
[{debug}] in Smarty opens a new page with a list of available variables


mysql –u[user] –p[password] –h[host] -P[port] -D[database] Log in
mysqldump -u[user] -p[password] -h[host] -P[port] [database]> [filename].sql DB dump
mysql -u[user] -p[password] -h[host] -P[port] [database] < [filename].sql Feed dump to DB
tee [path]/[filename].txt writes output into a file
source [path]/[filename].sql (Profihost: /home/…) runs SQL file
SQL query to disable all modules
SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST; displays running SQL queries

Views (values can be different in different view classes)

$oView->getShowPromotionList() true|false (should promotions list be shown?)
$oView->isEnabledPrivateSales() true|false (Checks if private sales is on)
$oView->getInvoiceAddress() array (Template variable getter. Returns user address)
$oView->getDeliveryAddress() array (Template variable getter. Returns user delivery address)
$oView->getMenueList() array (Template variable getter. Returns header menu list)
$oView->getNavigationParams() array of cnid, mnid, listtype, ldtype, searchparam,…
(Returns array of params => values which are used in hidden forms and as additional url params)
$oView->getCatTreePath() string (Template variable getter. Returns category path)
$oView->getComponents() array of {oxcmp_user}, {oxcmp_shop}, {oxcmp_utils}, {oxcmp_basket},… (Get array of component objects)
$oView->getPromoFinishedList() {oxActionList} (loads oxActionList::loadFinishedByCount(2)) (return last finished promotion list)
$oView->getPromoCurrentList() {oxActionList} (loads oxActionList::loadCurrent()) (return current promotion list)
$oView->getPromoFutureList() {oxActionList} (loads oxActionList::loadFutureByCount(2)) (return future promotion list)
$oView->getActiveCategory() string (If current reset ID is not set – forms and returns view ID according to category and user group)
$oView->getActCurrency() {stdClass} (Get active currency)
$oView->getProduct() {oxArticle} (Returns current view product object (if it is loaded))
$oView->getViewProduct() alias $oView->getProduct()
$oView->getBargainArticleList() {oxArticleList} (loads oxArticleList::loadAktionArticles(‘OXBARGAIN’)) (Template variable getter. Returns bargain article list. Parameter oxUBase::$_blBargainAction must be set to true.)
$oView->getTop5ArticleList() {oxArticleList} (loads oxArticleList::loadtop5Articles()) (Returns Top 5 article list. Parameter oxUBase::$_blTop5Action must be set to true.)
$oView->getActVendor() {oxVendor} (Template variable getter. Returns vendor id)
$oView->getActManufacturer() {oxManufacturer} (Returns active Manufacturer set by categories component;)
$oView->getCategoryTree() {oxCategoryList} (Returns category tree (if it is loaded))
$oView->getManufacturerTree() {oxManufacturerList} (Returns Manufacturer tree (if it is loaded))
$oView->getManufacturerlist() {aList} (Template variable getter. Returns Manufacturer list for search)
$oView->getRootVendor() {oxVendor} (Template variable getter. Returns root vendor)
$oView->getRootManufacturer() {oxManufacturer} (Template variable getter. Returns root Manufacturer)
$oView->getActiveLangAbbr() de, en, fr (Returns active lang suffix)
$oView->getActiveUsername() [email protected] (Template variable getter. Returns logged in user name)
$oView->getAdditionalParams() cl=search&searchparam=[searchParam] (Template variable getter. Returns additional params for url)
$oView->getManufacturerId() [manufactuerId] (Template variable getter. Returns Manufacturer id)
$oView->getVendorId() [vendorId] (Template variable getter. Returns vendor id)


http permanent Non-SSL
http(s) alternate URL, if applicable
sid=[…] return value / example / partial return value
{…} a possible object, contains more attributes
true|false type of data

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