OXID eShop Testing Library Published

OXID unit testingAs part of OXID SDK, we recently published OXID eShop Testing Library. It is intended to be an easy to use tool for writing Unit (PHPUnit), Integration (OxidTestCase) and acceptance (Mink/QUnit) tests for extension developers. In particular, it is possible to test modules against OXID eShop and against other modules (where no module activation is needed). Also, the OXID eShop Testing Library is used for the OXID module certification process.

Please find all information about the requirements, installation, configuration and on how to write and run tests in the README.md file on GitHub.

We hope you appreciate this tool as an opportunity to write clean code and to achieve the quality standards your clients expect. In case of any questions please feel free to post to the dev-general mailing list.

Happy testing ^^