OXID eShop v7.0.0 RC.1 is published

OXID eShop v7.0.0 release candidate 1 is publicly available. You may find it tagged as https://github.com/OXID-eSales/oxideshop_metapackage_ce/releases/tag/v7.0.0-rc.1 on GitHub.

A „stable“ version is much more than just a software package, as for example compatible modules, documentation for this series, content of OXID Academy, tools for updating etc. need to be prepared and shipped as well. All this is planned to be released step by step in the next months. However, OXID eShop v7.0.0 RC1 presently is in a state of feature freeze, no more important changes, just bug fixes will be done.

Although still work in progress, the developer documentation may already give some great insights. Take a look at it!

What’s new with OXID eShop v7.0.0

The simplest way to install the OXID eShop is to run the Composer command to create a project. Please note, that it is not recommended to use the OXID eShop v7.0.0 RC.1 in productive environments.

  • For Community Edition run:
composer create-project --no-dev oxid-esales/oxideshop-project my_oxid_eshop_project dev-b-7.0-rc-ce
  • For Professional Edition run:
composer create-project --no-dev oxid-esales/oxideshop-project my_oxid_eshop_project dev-b-7.0-rc-pe
  • For Enterprise Edition run:
composer create-project --no-dev oxid-esales/oxideshop-project my_oxid_eshop_project dev-b-7.0-rc-ee
  • Modules will be made compatible with 7.0.0-rc.1
  • Update tools and documentation from prior versions to OXID 7.0.0 will be prepared

Many thanks to your merge requests published with this release!

  • flow-control
    • PR-758 Refactor calls to deprecated getStr
    • PR-721 Fixed missed deprecated getConfig and getSession method usages
    • PR-728 Do not reset the PHP error reporting level
  • vanilla-thunder
    • PR-764 Display more details in permission check in setup process
  • BernhardScheffold
    • PR-466 Improve oxseo::OXOBJECTID index
  • alfredbez
    • PR-772 Replaced BC classes with namespaced ones
    • PR-493 Timestamp is now added for css and js files included from module
    • PR-733 Logging to shop constructor if shop is not valid
    • PR-766 Introduction of Psalm for static code analysis
    • PR-449 Support for single language map file
    • PR-744 Added arguments to oxNew method signature to improve static analysis possibilities
    • PR-802 Throw exception in getLanguageAbbr method if no abbreviation is available by specific id
  • 8i11y
    • PR-789 Ensure source/out/pictures/generated directory exists 
  • ivoba
  • dx-bhesse
    • PR-793 Fix special chars escape problem in simplexml::addChild 
  • keywan-ghadami-oxid
    • PR-754 Preflight check for views generation
    • PR-794 Turn off autocomplete for SMTP fields in admin template
  • AlfonsMartin
    • PR-771 Performance improvement of Field class
  • kermie
    • PR-826 Example dist files for translations in Application/translations folder
    • PR-729 Removed multilines in translation files to make it fit for localization platforms
    • PR-852 Fix new version check url protocol
  • SvenBrunk
    • PR-730 Switch block names in source/Application/views/admin/tpl/shop_main.tpl
  • tterhaarlaudert
    • PR-750 Skip currency url generation if “Display Currencies” option is disabled
  • JaroslavHerber
    • PR-787 Improved config options loading process
  • szdirk
    • PR-853 Updated aRobots in source/config.inc.php.dist
  • olivereanderson

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