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Fixed Bugs

  • 0000419: [Order processing] eShop doesn’t send emails via SMTP
  • 0000379: [Admin area] Promotions cannot be de-activated
  • 0000405: [Order processing] Registration email is sent although the user purchased without a registration
  • 0000382: [PDF invoice] Wrong VAT in PDF-invoice for shipping costs
  • 0000368: [VAT] Vat rates using decimals are not displyed correctly
  • 0000386: [Admin area] Alternative templates for categories do not work
  • 0000389: [Admin area] Horizontal scroll bar missing on variant editing
  • 0000383: [Admin area] When “Automatic Save when changing Tabs” is ON – user is loged out after tried to save settings in Admin
  • 0000366: [Admin area] Upload of manufacturer icon does not work
  • 0000412: [AJAX lists] if option for bidirectional crossselling is on, ajax list with assigned crossselling articles is displayed empty
  • 0000397: [Order processing] Not possible to switch off gift wrapping

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in OXID eSales bugtracker.

New features in this revision

  • Custom language files: Now you can add custom files next to the lang.php file, name pattern is *lang.php and define $aLang array inside the file. This array will be included to general translation array.
  • Password generation has been refactored. Works with md5-hashes, including SALT encryption now
  • Added missing SEO functionality for article admin part, where you can customize article SEO data for each category
  • Added unsubscribe from newsletter on newsletter subscription page

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