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  • This package does not contain any template changes. Please note, that quite a lot files are included in patch package. As packages are prepared automatically, most of these files are included only because the year changed in file header.


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Fixed Bugs

  • 0000489: [Installation] Errors in setup because incorrect used argument of php function
  • 0000472: [3rd party libraries] econda tracking throws error when activated
  • 0000487: [GUI & Navigation & Sorting] Since, preview images are not shown on product details page
  • 0000483: [Installation] Disable some options in .htaccess file when mod_rewrite is OFF
  • 0000449: [Installation] Setup step numbering in the code does not fit with actual step numbering
  • 0000465: [Installation] In English installation process, license to agree appears in German

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in OXID eSales bugtracker.

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