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Fixed Bugs

  • 0000527: [Patches] Users without password cannot register – bug in update script generates wrong passwords
  • 0000539: [RSS] RSS for Listmania lists of product not works in DE language
  • 0000536: [3rd party libraries] Problem when loading tag cloud in details view
  • 0000504: [3rd party libraries] Long description is not inherited from parent article
  • 0000546: [Admin area] labels in Settings and System tab are not shown in IE 6
  • 0000491: [Admin area] Warning: RRP price must be bigger than normal price.
  • 0000525: [Admin area] Order date is changed if order is edited via order_main
  • 0000507: [Admin area] Smarty error oxaddslashes is not implemented
  • 0000503: [Admin area] Some drop down lists are in German even though English is selected
  • 0000469: [Categories] Meta keywords and meta descriptions are not shown for Categories
  • 0000523: [Core Settings] Wrong enconding (ISO- 8859-1 intead of ISO-8859-15)
  • 0000528: [eFire integration] oxefidonwloader should check for old versions of oxefi
  • 0000530: [Exceptions] oxbasket.php makes fatal error if Performance -> Calculate Product Price is unset
  • 0000485: [Languages] function.oxmultilang.php and modifier.oxmultilangassign.php dont search for *lang.php
  • 0000515: [Order processing] Wrong Scale price is shown in order email (admin and cust)
  • 0000481: [Order processing] Its Possible to override Stock Quantity when ordering
  • 0000508: [Products] Product variants are displayed in variant lists although out of stock and marked “If out of stock, not orderable”
  • 0000455: [Products] Products which are inactive can viewed by direct link and also put into basket.
  • 0000513: [Products] When parent article is not purchaseble it’s visibility still depends on it’s Delivery Status
  • 0000505: [Products] Warning occurs in Variant details load when Parent articles are purchasible
  • 0000490: [Ratings & Reviews] no reviews shown in article -> reviews
  • 0000531: [Search] Search is not shown if “Performance -> Load Category Tree” is disabled
  • 0000541: [SEO] wrong standard urls in oxseo table if admin area is used with SSL

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in OXID eSales bugtracker.

New features in this revision

  • Generic import of CSV files possible using OXID eShop admin interface
  • Importer for magento shops is now available. Instrucions how to use are inside the package or inside our manual
  • Integration of OpenID (http://openid.net) for authentication and authentification
  • RSS Feeds for product lists show product icon now

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