OXID eShop version 4.1.1

General hints for this package

  1. File cache reset now will not erase cached objects structure info (files starting with “oxc_fieldnames_…”) from temp directory. Developers need manualy delete these files from temp directory if updating objects structure. This will save time when rebuilding cache.
  2. Since the OXID eShop version 4.1.0_17976 the templates of the previous versions eShop v3 are not maintained anymore. They may still work but will not be supported any longer.


See our instructions for detailed information about patching/updating.

Fixed Bugs

  • 0000786: [Files & Source code & Database] only copatible with PHP 5.2.3 onwards
  • 0000799: [SEO] SEO urls are not created when non-ASCII charactes are in product title
  • 0000792: [Discounts] discount on categories and articles does not work
  • 0000441: [Files & Source code & Database] Variant prices are not inherited from father articles
  • 0000806: [GUI & Navigation & Sorting] “Function ‘getDynUrlParams’ does not exist…” occurs when users logs out from SSL
  • 0000784: [Languages] no charset defined in cust_lang.php 0000644: [Admin area] Memory error on showing User List
  • 0000788: [SEO] duplicated words are cut out of the meta description
  • 0000816: [SEO] Huge amount of cycles executed for removing duplicated META keywords

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in OXID eSales bugtracker.

New features in this revision

  • Review (Admin -> Administer Products -> List All Reviews), Order (Admin -> Administer Orders -> Order Summary) and User (Admin -> Administer Users -> List All Users) Lists now have paging.

Important information for developers

  • New class is introduced: oxSimpleVariantList (extended from oxList), it is supposed to contain the list of variants (oxSimpleVariant instances).
  • oxList::_assignElement() protected method added. It is called in loop in oxList::selectString() so you can override it to perform some functionality after (before) each element is assigned.