OXID eShop version 4.1.2

General hints for this package

  1. replaced the drop down by an ajax list for product bundle assignment in admin.
  2. from now on, it is not possible any longer to assign products to price categories in admin. Products will be assigned to price categories automatically.
  3. if you run ssl/non ssl shop on different subdomains and have problem with cookies, you must setup config.inc.php parameter “sCookieDomain”. Please check php setcookie() documentation for details.


See http://www.oxid-esales.com/en/resources/help-faq/faq/how-update-one-release-another


For this patch, some slight template changes are required. Please see /templ_docu/index.html inside the package

Fixed Bugs

  • 0000838: [Import & Export] “Could not create HEAP Table” occurs during Product Export
  • 0000861: [Admin area] Remove Service -> ERP Interface from Admin area menu
  • 0000845: [Files & Source code & Database] Fatal error in oxid.php (V.4.1.0_17976) by parsing original deeplinks
  • 0000848: [SEO] generating of category links fails
  • 0000860: [Admin area] Main page displayed when Previewing inactive articles in Admin area
  • 0000833: [Admin area] sql updater show no errors
  • 0000888: [AJAX lists] Loading corsseling ajax list in admin takes a lot of time
  • 0000823: [Attributes] adminstration: articles –> assign attributes –> does not accept specials chars, when shop in utf-8 mode.
  • 0000822: [Caching] Changes in Article-Longdescription aren’t shown in frontend
  • 0000870: [GUI & Navigation & Sorting] Impossible to delete articles with “Selection List” from Wishlist
  • 0000842: [Import & Export] Skipped fields ignored in generic import
  • 0000854: [SEO] Reset SEO ID’s deletes META keywords and description as well
  • 0000856: [SEO] META description and META keywords are lost when product title is changed
  • 0000826: [SEO] Parent-article title is not inherited for variant for SEO links generating
  • 0000858: [Categories] assigned products to Price categories will not be displayed

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in OXID eSales bugtracker.

New features in this revision

  • Changed “Folders in Order Administration” handling, now it is multilingual:

In previous versions, you had to enter folder name and color:

Neu => #0000FF
Bearbeitet=> #0A9E18
Probleme => #FF0000

Now, you have to enter a constant and color in config settings:


and to put these constants to admin custom language files (cust_lang.php).

  • In case if pictures for articles should be loaded from separate server and are available only through http – it’s enough to include option in config.inc.php:
$this->sAltImageDir = "http://[path_to_images_dir_on_server]/";

Then to load picture for article only define the rest http path to the image file.

Important information for developers

  • User order email: user id “reviewuserid” was removed from product review link, instead review user hash “reviewuser” was added.
  • “oxshops” table field “oxactive” now is not multilanguage ( removed fields “oxactive_1”, “oxactive_2”, …).
  • since current release order invoice printer (oxpdf class) uses alternative library TCPDF (http://www.tcpdf.org). This Library enables flexible UTF-8 support in pdf files. Old FPDF library was removed, oxpdf.php file was moved to “core/” folder and updated according to TCPDF interface differences. If you have problems with specific language (some characters are not shown etc) please write a module for class oxPdf method SetFont() and pass correct font/font file.
  • In case you setup different subdomain for SSL/non-SSL pages cookies may not be shared between them. “config.inc.php” file now contains parameter (thoose who updates must insert it by themself) “$this->sCookieDomain”, which defines the domain that the cookie is available. Please check php setcookie() function documentation about possible values of this parameter.